Body Spa




Rejuvenating and soothing body polish
Calms the body to reduce stress and tension for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Nerves are calmed and the skin is renewed, soft and deeply moisturized.

Luxurious brightening body polish
This sugar scrub is a gentle exflotiant for the body that removes dead skin, tanning, lightens spots and gives you the best skin.

(1.5 hrs)

Whitening & brightening ritual
A combination of cream, scrub and wrap which will make your skin smooth and soft. This smooth massage cream glides with an easy absorbency as it heals and protects your body. This is the perfect solution to perfection – it reduces age spots, fine lines and hyper-pigmention. This full body ritual will make you look like a diva.


Hawaiian massage with sparkling and tonic fragrance
The Hawaiian massage includes slow, continuous, flowing strokes with deep pressure which totally nurtures your body. Essential oils of lemongrass are used which will heal you on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This massage increases circulation, calms the nervous system, and relaxes and restores the body.

Californian massage with invigorating and light fragrance
Slow and thorough movements with light touches with kneading and stretching sets this massage apart from the rest. This cream based massage eliminates muscle stress, oxygenetes the tissues and softens the articulations. Body cream infused with kojic acid, rice water, milk, ginseng, volcanic silt and pearl will bright your skin tone, reduce scares and blemishes and gives you that perfect skin.


Pure freshness wrap with mint
This hydrating moisture mask which is antioxidant-rich deeply nourishes the skin as it smoothness and conditions the body.

White radiance
This brightening mask will nourish and shine your skin. It will give you an even skin tone.